Saw HTTYD2 today and the scene with Stoic’s death made me cry my eyes out. Just, perfect film, give them all the awards already.

There is a new SpongeBob feature film coming. About time, now I just need to find out when it’s coming. Or what it’s even called.

the new Disney Infinity 2.0 series (starting with Marvel Superheroes) will be having its début 5 days before my birthday.

Ironically, I’m pretty sure I got the first DisInf for my birthday too. Epic timing as always, Disney.

I’m officially 5 weeks away from being able to buy my snazzy new computer; thankfully there won’t be any more 3DS games I wanna splurge for any time soon.


Infinite Possibilities. Endless Magic.


Infinite Possibilities. Endless Magic.

My Rarity pic got into Ponies around the World (looks gorgeous, btw), so I’m totally gonna submit something to it again next year and hopefully go way bigger; maybe try to include all my brushies? There are 8 including Rarity, so I haven’t quite sorted through the logistics of this idea yet, but maybe I can introduce them to Norwich once I go back to college in September.

I’m getting a migraine. Splendid.

EDIT: My Little Pony songs somehow cured it.

Two things:

  • There’s this really sweet [adorkable] fic that’s been circulating in my head for a while and is slowly being typed up. Somehow I wormed a really good Doctor Who quote into it? Well, the next series is apparently only a month away, but I’m not really actively invested in the fandom anymore (at least, barely even when it’s on), so I don’t really get how this happened. The Whovian within is too strong.
  • My aunt’s staying over for I think a week starting today, and when mum called me down earlier I completely forgot that she smokes and I am asthmatic. My throat now permanently feels like it’s been torn up from the inside. Thanks allot, brain.

(I generally just go through all my unfinished, unposted fics, adding text when I feel like it. That is exactly my writing method, because even when I’m getting shit done, I like to feel like I’m procrastinating)

I’ve been playing Tomodachi Life for 2 days and already it’s taking over my life. Send help.

(Tintin married Elsa from Frozen. Best plot twist ever)

My last purchase on Amazon was 4-ish months ago - What even?

Anyways, my copy of Tomodachi Life might be here tomorrow! So expect lots of in-game images, because I know there’s that functionality for both screens in the game, even if it might take me a couple hours after starting to unlock it.

Writing fanfiction~~~~!