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Minecraft finally worked after the new video card driver was installed (thank Celestia), and it runs lightning fast. It is extremely unperturbed by my poor internet connection. I guess it really is the computer specs that make the difference and not your internet :D

I’m now definitely even more super excited for Sims 4. It’ll make me a virtual GOD.

My new computer’s all set up. So far the resolution’s pretty fucked (Matt can probably fix that later, and I’ve installed chrome but it won’t let me log in. So, I don’t have any of my users/passwords or bookmarks. I might as well be using internet explorer!

Oh well. Gonna go try install Minecraft now; the internet’s pretty shit because of reasons and I’ve practically gone insane. My brother was talking me through everything on the phone (I ended up having to get the install files on my USB manually) and that’s how a phone call lasted two hours.

Mum’s gonn’ give me the rest of the moneys I need for Sims 4

I literally only need £6 more to be able to buy Sims 4. I also have no idea when the windows 7 download will finish seeding, but I don’t want to continue editing my family in the create-a-sim demo until then.

We’re setting up my PC. THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING. Sure, it technically won’t be done ‘til tomorrow (downloading Windows, yo! Our internet’s shit) and we wont be able to get certain softwares (photoshop especially) on it until he visits again next weekend, but according to Matt it’ll easily be able to run Sims 4 with Minecraft installed - it’s even more tricked out than his PC. And I’m totally getting Sims 4 for my birthday, I’ve decided. It’ll run so magically fast!

This also means I’ll also be able to draw digitally more regularly again, and I’ll even be able to listen to my music again whilst doing so. But not ‘til next weekend :D

…I kinda made a starter family in the Sims 4 create-a-sim demo - and by ‘starter’, I mean only the ‘young adult’ age is unlocked in the demo so two of my characters couldn’t be made yet. They’re all based on sort of an amalgamation of Doctor Who and MLP - yes, it’s a Doctor Whooves family. I’ll obviously take screenies of the full family when it’s made.

It ran surprisingly brilliantly, and just for the fact that it’s a demo I think it’s safe to say that when I get the full game for my new PC (which will probably be in birthday week!) it will run perfectly. And my PC will finally be getting set up tomorrow! Again, I still have no idea what my brother plans to do about the OS, but I’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

My computer should be here tomorrow, so it’s a good thing that’s my first day off. It’s got no operating system but my bro was gonna help me with that anyway. Either way, it probably isn’t getting set up ‘til the weekend.

my new computer might actually be here by Sunday… at the earliest.

I literally have nothing to offer this week. It feels the ‘Lesson Zero’ ep of MLP all over again.